My name is JED. Thanks for stopping by.

I am based out of South Austin, TX. My style is heavily piano-driven rock/americana/blues with soulful harmonies and a horn section. My influences range from Miles Davis and Bud Powell, to Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, to the Rolling Stones and Zeppelin, to James Booker, Professor Longhair and Dr. John. The list is too long, I won't put you through that. The closest thing to which I can compare this project is a modern take on the Joe Cocker/Leon Russell band from Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

Three years and two semesters into the civil engineering program at Texas A&M, I was positive I didn’t want to be staring soullessly into the mammoth hell-bible known as the AISC Steel Construction Manual anymore. After a summer in La Mancha, Spain, I drove back to Texas from Boston looking to quit my night job slinging pizzas and hop on stage. The day I got back, I met the Chad Hammock Band at a battle of the bands and, luckily, they were looking for a keyboard player. I spent all of senior year living off of gas station hot dogs, Mudfest BBQ and playing shows in towns that couldn’t be culturally further from Massachusetts. After graduation I moved to Austin, TX with the band and picked up a few odd jobs. One being a bouncer at a piano bar. The entertainment director, knowing I was a piano player, asked me if I knew how to sing too. Never did, but I decided to give it a shot. Immediately, I locked myself in my room and got to work on singing, writing and learning as many popular songs as I could until cabin fever set in. Besides the originals, I was armed with about 500 cover songs and got a job as a dueling piano player in San Antonio. I used the tip money to fund my solo project on the side.

My passion is to communicate, through songwriting, the closest thing to my true expression of love, hope, emotion and experiences trying to survive as I navigate life. If I was forced to pick one thing to focus on, every day of the week, for the rest of my life, it would be to write and record music I constantly hear in the depths of my mind. I will do everything in my power to get this out into the universe to anyone who will find enjoyment from it, and I'll spend all of my time keeping them happy if I can.