I have taken my sweet f’n time for the last couple years. I can blame Epilepsy, anxiety, whatever. I helped The Chad Hammock band write this one a long time ago and recorded it about 4 years ago (this is exactly what I mean). No other stories behind this one. We improvised the whole thing originally and I just did it in my style here.


Greyhound was my first attempt at writing and recording a song all on my own (with the help of a sound engineer friend of mine of course). I was just out of school and renting a room in central Austin, Tx at the time. I had no money, no car and was going back and forth on the Greyhound bus to San Antonio three times a week or so. Luckily, I had landed a pretty decent gig as an apprentice of sorts at Pat O’Brien's dueling piano bar and was making a little money singing, playing, entertaining and memorizing hundreds of songs while I was at it. I got off the public bus near the Greyhound station and saw an overweight, scraggly looking dude with camouflage cargo shorts, reddish-blonde hair and a big beard that clearly hadn’t been washed in a while, with a dirty white t-shirt, somewhere in his late 20’s or early 30’s. He had a pit bull sitting calmly next to him and a sign that said he was “traveling” and hungry. I doubted his honesty at the time, seeing as how he was singing and dancing around in the street like a tweaker, wearing a Texas Longhorns shirt. But the guy couldn’t have looked more happy or content with the situation he found himself in that day. He was in such a good mood it made me feel just a little better about my situation at the time. So I walked into the coffee shop next door to grab a cup of Joe for the bus ride. There was a kid who was either in college or just out. He was pretty well put together. Definitely keeping up with the new fashion trends in both clothing and hair. He was playing an acoustic guitar that sounded clear and was for sure not a piece of garbage. He was also singing. However, he was sitting on a stool in front of the window singing a super depressing song with no sign of an upbeat section coming anytime soon (not that I’m not guilty of this same thing). I just thought it was kinda funny that the guy outside had definitely seen some better days and here I see some kid who, same as me, seems to focus on all this negative shit even when things aren’t going half bad. At the very least we were both playing music in front of people who wanted to listen. And I was constantly traveling somewhere to go and do it. So I sat there the entire bus ride to San Antonio writing the song, thinking that I’m an asshole who keeps focusing on the negative too often and maybe I should give this kid a break; but I thought the song was kinda catchy and decided not to scrap it.